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New Pixes

* Warning, if you look at someone flashing you, your crotch might explode.
* Another redneck for single payer
* Yoga instructor lends a helping hand to a couple of beginners. [semi-NSFW]
* I really hope this doesn't become the new Wiktionary logo...[pic]
* Anyone driving the Civic Hybrid? It says here that it gets 45 mpg on the highway but the Prius is cheaper and gets better mileage. That said, are hybrids even worth it?
* The main difference between the left and right.
* Benjamin Franklin was a great man
* Is McDonalds actually selling this beast? I don't read Japanese...
* These little Pikachu dudes, called “モモンガ” (Momonga) were obviously meticulously crafted in the Secret Mt. Fuji Lab of Japanese Cuteness. [pic]
* Hight resolution image of Victoria crater on Mars
* How many dumbasses does it take to change a light bulb?
* Photographer Emilio Morenatti was named Newspaper Photographer of the Year in 2009 by Pictures of the Year International. The Frame today takes a look at some of Morenatti's stunning work during the past two years.
* Someone at Best Buy just got fired...[PIC]
* His plan seemed simple. He had a rocket-propelled parachute strapped to his back that he would activate just as he was going over the brink of the [Niagara] Falls. He would ditch the jet ski and float safely down to the Maid of the Mist pool. Didn't happen...
* I took this picture a couple years ago. We Eagles fans are a proud bunch, but some are not very smart...
* sunset & storm Vancouver
* Is it just me or does MC Hammer look like hes made out of chocolate now? Mmm

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